Sardar Mammadov Head of Sector of the Department of Administrative and Military Legislation
EldarAsgarov Senior adviser of the Department of Administrative and Military Legislation
Mr. Yerlan Saparov Head of division on expertise of Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Ms.Narkes Tileuhan Head of the Department on legislation of the Majlis of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Mr. Kanat Sadykov Head of legal department of Jogorku Kenesh  (Parliament) of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Mr. Aibek Osmonov Assistant to General Secretary of Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic
Nezahat Yuca Expert on legislation of research services of the GNAT
Osman Kaan Özdogan Expert on legislation of foreign affairs and protocol department of GNAT
Ahmet Kaymaz Expert on legislation of the Comission on association with EU of the GNAT
Günal Seyit Expert on legislation of legal department of the GNAT
Mr. Jandos ASANOV Secretary General
Mr. Kürşad Melih SARIARSLAN Deputy Secretary General
Mr. Dastan URMANBETOV Secretary of Commission on Economic, Trade and Financial Affairs
Mr. Adahan Madumarov Deputy Secretary General of the Cooperation Council of Turkic-speaking states