Since the Eurasian region, which is closely related with the past history of our country, cultural, economic and political characteristics and potential of the study and carry out in this way the different relations of our country needs today can display information about the region and the production staff is the primary objective of our institute.
The region is extremely important historical and cultural ties, not only for our country, in the last twenty years as a result of dramatic transformations in the political-military exchanges and many new independent states, especially in today’s chaotic structure of its energy and natural gas resources, and also for the world balance of has a strategic importance.
The chaotic structure, history and diplomatic resources needed to solve the problems of the region born in the past, the region is active and decisive role played by inter-communal relations, especially in the Ottoman Archives presence in Turkey, today brings Turkey to have a say in the region.
In particular, both geographically and politically active in Eurasia in a position the geographic area extending from Turkey and the Balkans and the Caucasus in the Middle East, starting from the date on which the state has a cultural and political ties. For this reason, both experts familiar with the languages ​​of the Eurasian region and to provide for education and academic staff, graduate programs for this purpose and carry out open in the region, creating the infrastructure required to produce a solution to issues of interest to Turkey and to this end, and academic publications of our institute aims to organize activities.
The Institute is an interdisciplinary perspective to follow developments closely with the geography of the region, aims to further investigations and research. Black Sea, the Caucasus and the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean, the Balkans and Eastern Europe, and finally the Central Asian countries such as the different geographies, political, historical, social and cultural aspects and problems of Turkey and links with and understanding of these problems is investigated in a sufficient manner perspectives is to produce solutions. Thus in Turkey, especially in the academic field, doing research on this region and to provide guidance to researchers seeking to build knowledge in the formation of cadres and publications will be provided.
In addition, the Institute for Eurasian region, including national and international congresses, conferences, colloquia, symposia, panel discussions, seminars, talks, courses, exhibitions, scientific meetings and publication activities, such as memorial days alone, as the performing or contribute to the achievement in bilateral and multilateral targeted the development of mutual knowledge and opinion are consulted.