Between Turkey and Russia, Historical, Cultural and Economic Relations Symposium

Istanbul University Institute and the Eurasia Foundation, through the efforts of Russian Culture in Turkey “between Turkey and Russia, Historical, Cultural and Economic Relations Symposium”, Istanbul University Rector’s Building, was held on 05.04.2012. Bekir Gunay Istanbul University, Eurasia Institute Director, Vice President Ahmet Cevat Acar Istanbul University, Istanbul Deputy Governor Thompson Kazim, Russia Aleksey Erkhov Consul General in Istanbul and many Turkish and Russian scholars 520 years of relations between the two countries attended the symposium were affairs. The symposium also exhibited for the first time Prime Minister’s archive of historical documents obtained from the 20. 520 years of bilateral relations with Turkey and Russia, which face the day, and from 1566 to 1926 documents covering the years, between Turkey and Russia’s political, economic and cultural history sheds light on. Documents of the period examined, it was apparent that the power relationship between the two countries said Associate Director of the Institute of Eurasia. Dr. Bekir Gunay, “the statutory period, the Ottoman state, and not a very strong correspondence between the two countries is reflected in the style. Style changes, the correspondence is clearly changing the balance of power, “he said. Documents that provide information about the Associate Deputy Director General State Archives. Dr. Mustafa Budak is “the oldest of the documents made public for the first time signature of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent and the ‘king of Moskov provision titled’ document. In the most recent reports for the year 1926. This document, between Soviet Russia and the Republic of Turkey for cooperation in the field of education includes information about the visit of the Turkish delegation, “he said. Among the most interesting documents, but also has the oldest history and the ‘Muscovite king ruled’ by Russia and the title of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent was the document that contains some of the commercial instructions. Bearing the seal of Suleyman the Magnificent, and clearly document contained the following statements with imperatives: “To buy some goods and fur traffickers Hassa Mehmed sent to Moscow to show the convenience and customs duty on purchased goods taken, and there died of the Ottoman tebeasından with goods and money which are kept in arms of Mustafa to Istanbul before this agreement in violation of their lords Serhad weighing forty-eight have been charged with tin and some of the claims mentioned in a completely contrary to the agreement with the submission and punishment of those who work. “